Tuesday Ladies Midweek Competition

Ladies Midweek Competition

LMW Winter Competition 2019


The Rural Fire Service NSW has advised for Tuesday 12 November 2019 the Fire Danger Rating for Hornsby Council is declared as "Catastrophic". As a result and in accordance with Councils Fire Safety Management Plan for Pennant Hills Park, Pennant Hills Park will be CLOSED. This closure will remain in place until midnight on Tuesday 12 November 2019 or until further advised by fire and emergency agencies.



19/11/19    -    Rescheduled Wet Match from 17/9/19


26/11/19    -    No Matches will be played    School Boy/Girl Tournament

3/12/19    -    Div 1 Semi- Finals and Div 2 & 3 Match 15

10/12/19    -    All Division Finals           


 New Competition is scheduled to commence next year on 4/2/2020.


  Attention All Members

Please Read the Updated By-Laws July 2018 (Tennis Offerings)

 Some New By-Laws you may not be aware of are mentioned below.

11.Playing Procedure (a) Competition Rounds

vi) Commencement of Play: 

Each match is to begin at the nominated commencement time. 

If for any reason play does not commence within 5 minutes (evening competitions) or 10 minutes (daytime competitions), the team unable or refusing to proceed shall forfeit the first set. 

A second set may not be claimed as forfeit if the match is commenced within 20 minutes of the nominated commencement time. 

However, the whole match shall be forfeited if play does not commence within 20 minutes of the nominated starting time. 

If one player is (absent) or running late, the sets that do not involve that player are to be played first, prior to claiming a forfeit for sets unable to be played. 

12. Forfeits

a) Forfeited Set/s. Entire sets forfeited shall be recorded as such on result card/sheet and must be signed by the Team Captains.

b) Forfeited matches should be avoided whenever possible. All efforts should be made to find substitute players in order to field a team. The forfeiting team will be responsible for their match fee.

c) For round matches only, if no team players are available to play, and 4 eligible substitute players are available, they may play subject to the approval of the Competition Secretary and the opposing team being advised. 

Details must be recorded on the result card/sheet

14. Emergency

d) Borrowing a player from another ETDTA Competition 

Whilst it is the preference of the Council of Management, that Team Captains requiring another player first look to utilise the Reserve Pool or other players from the same competition, 

it may be necessary to source a player from outside these options in order to avoid forfeiting a match. In these circumstances, Team Captains can approach either:

1.  a player registered in another ETDTA competition (limited to no more than two matches for a team);

2.  a member of ETDTA currently not registered in any competition;

3.  a player who is not an ETDTA member (utilising the one time player option).

8. Late Registrations

e) A member of ETDTA currently not registered in any team within the competition may play for a team as a replacement player in accordance with By-Law 14(d).  

The member will be deemed to have registered within that team upon the second time they play for the team.


Match Fee:  All Teams (Home and Away) must PAY BEFORE THEY PLAY.

Exception: Teams playing at Midson Road - payment due ASAP when next playing at Pennant Hills.

Warm-Up:  Prior to commencement of the 1st and 2nd set a 5 minute warm up is allowed or 15 minute warm-up before 9.30 am if courts are available. 

All Matches should commence promptly at 9.30 am. Play ceases at 3 pm.

3 minutes break between sets except when doubling up in which case 5 minutes break is allowed.

Each Team is responsible for ALL CALLS on their side of the net. If in doubt, the team MUST give the benefit of the doubt to their opponent. Calls must be made honestly and promptly.

Server should always announce the game score before starting a game and the point score prior to serving for each point.

Please Respect each other and Enjoy your Tennis

LMW Committee. 

Ladies Midweek Competition

Competition Secretary - Penny Ryan 9899 7951   

Tuesdays from 9.30am till 3.00pm - 4 ladies per team play each day, with each lady playing 4 full sets, tiebreak at 5-all. No Play during NSW public school holidays.  

 Cost: Registration $110 per team per Competition, plus annual ETDTA Membership Fee (Adults $43 and Seniors $38) per financial year for each player.

Competition Match Fee will be $40 per team per match, and Home Team will be provided with 3 new tennis balls, in line with other Competitions.  

 Home team is to supply the Result Card and provide morning tea.

Result cards are to be lodged by 5 pm on the day of the match, by placing them in the result box (adjacent to court 7) of the main Clubhouse at Pennant Hills. Away matches may be emailed to the Competition Secretary.

Matches are played at Pennant Hills Tennis Centre, Britannia Street, Pennant Hills and Epping Tennis Courts, Cnr Midson Rd & Wyralla Ave, Epping. Enquires 9481 0970.