Tuesday Ladies Midweek Competition

Ladies Midweek Competition

LMW  Autumn Competition 2020



Please Note that as at 23/3/2020 the ETDTA Exec Committee and the Council of Management has confirmed the Association has suspended Adult Competitions until Term 2. effective immediately.

 Up to 2 Unplayed Matches will be rescheduled this Competition AFTER MATCH 14 for all Divisions.

PLEASE NOTE: Rescheduled unplayed matches will NOW include either WET WEATHER or called off matches due to EXTREME WEATHER Conditions. 

The Unplayed Match from 11/2/20 will now be played on 26/5/20 - TO BE REASSESSED. 



As far as competition news, the Tennis Australia recommendation is “We are encouraging that day to day tennis activity continues but that Clubs and venues take the precautionary measures.” FB link also herewith FYI  https://www.facebook.com/TennisNSW/videos/615612799348438/ 

To define “precautionary measures” is difficult, as an Association, the Council of Management have communicated on this matter and agreed to continue running competitions for the time being and ask you to make the following adjustments:- 


  1. 1. If not feeling well or have low immune system then advise your Captain that you can’t play.  The Captain will be able to take it up with Comp Secretary 
  1. 2. Be sure to wash hands prior to participating in competitions and regularly throughout evening/day (before and/or after all sets - see hereunder). 
  1. 3. No handshaking at all.  A simple head nod, acknowledging partners and opposition will eliminate a lot of risk. 
  1. 4. Place balls on the ground by the base line at the change of ends, rather than exchanging balls with hand-to-hand contact. 
  1. 5. No communal food.   Please take your own snacks/lunch so as to lessen health risks. 
  1. 6. Please bring your own mug.  The Association will provide in the main clubhouse kitchen tea bags, instant coffee, sugar and full cream milk (in fridge) for all adult competitions. 
  1. 7. Suggest rather than being confined in the smaller clubhouses, you may to choose to sit outside of the clubhouses wherever possible. 
  1. 8. Competition payments at the Pro-shop by card rather than cash would be preferred.    As a suggestion team members could possibly do bank transfers to Captain/person paying, rather than exchanging cash (again just limiting risks wherever possible).


A reminder that warm water and soap will be available in the kitchen area of the main clubhouse, and regular hand washing is recommended.  The Association requests that you take your own hand towel wherever possible to dry hands.   Trying to source paper towels, but environmentally friendlier for players to use their own towels.  Handwashing guideline FYI is:-  https://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2020-03-15/coronavirus-covid-19-handwashing-soap-sanitizer-advice/12051206 

Besides washing hands thoroughly and frequently, regular advice is to not touch your face. 

FYI more regular cleaning will be in place by Association staff for all benchtops, pro-shop counters etc. as well as the bathrooms during this particular time.    

The Council of Management will continue to monitor and review the COVID-19 situation, as it’s an ever changing landscape.


RESERVED PARKING (behind the main club house)

LADIES  Please DO NOT PARK in the parking spots designated for Staff and CoM Members.

Please respect this request.


Players are to be on the courts at 9:30 am sharp ready to start 5 minute warm up. Hit-ups are allowed up to 15 minutes PRIOR to commencement time if courts are available.

Maximum of 3 minutes break between sets except for sets 2 & 3, 4 & 5, 6 & 7 where no more than 5 minutes may be taken. 


New By-Laws approved (Section consistent with Tennis Australia's Extreme Weather Policy) 

1) Thunderstorms and Lightning.

The definition of a thunderstorm is where lightning can be seen and/or thunder can be heard. Any storm which produces thunder means lightning is always present, even if it is obscured by cloud (it is the lightning which produces the thunder). The simplest and most effective way to assess this distance of lightning is the 30-second rule. If there is less than 30 seconds between the lightning and thunder, then the lightning is within 10 km of the listener. (30 seconds at the speed of sound is 10.2km). When a lightning strike is within 10km of the event, officials and administrators who are responsible for the event must suspend play and ensure players, officials, coaching staff and guests are removed from the area to a safe place, such as a large, structurally sound building.

Play can resume once the threat of lightning has passed, which is measured by the lightning and thunder being greater than 30 seconds apart.

2) High Wind

High winds have the potential to create dangerous conditions for players, officials and spectators. The relevant Officials and Administrators must ensure the health, safety and well-being of players, officials and spectators as the overriding priority and where windy conditions create an unacceptable risk and have the authority under this policy to suspend or cancel play.

Examples of windy conditions which create an unacceptable risk and where play maybe suspended:

. Foreign objects being blown onto the court,

. Court furniture or court fixtures being disturbed,

. Fences or court equipment being damaged, or

. Player health being effected by the force of the wind.

3) Sand, Dust or Smoke (Airborne Contaminants)

Any situation in which the air quality is compromised presents a risk to players, officials and spectators, especially if they have a pre-existing medical condition. Airborne contaminates can come in may forms, but the most common are sand, dust or smoke. The relevant Officials and Administrators must ensure the health, safety and well-being of players, officials and spectators as the overriding priority and where the air quality conditions create an unacceptable risk, have the authority under this policy to suspend play.

If smoke is present it is recommended that the source is determined to ensure that the smoke is not toxic, not likely to worsen or is not due to a fire in the vicinity. If the smoke presents any danger, through reduction in visibility or ability to breathe properly, then play must be suspended or cancelled and all patrons removed to a safe area.

Excessive Heat: The latest heat change has been rescinded by the Exec Committee, going back to the rule in existence prior to it  By-Law 11(a) x). The temperature will be taken from the thermometer mounted on the Main Club House Wall. This by-law will be revisited in depth at a later date.

Ladies Midweek Competition

Competition Secretary - Penny Ryan 9899 7951

email address: penryan274@hotmail.com

Tuesdays from 9.30am till 3.00pm - 4 ladies per team play each day, with each lady playing 4 full sets, tiebreak at 5-all. No Play during NSW public school holidays.  

 Cost: Registration $110 per team per Competition, plus annual ETDTA Membership Fee (Adults $43 and Seniors $38) per financial year for each player.

Competition Match Fee will be $40 per team per match, and Home Team will be provided with 3 new tennis balls, in line with other Competitions.  

 Home team is to supply the Result Card and provide morning tea.

Result cards are to be lodged by 5 pm on the day of the match, by placing them in the result box (adjacent to court 7) of the main Clubhouse at Pennant Hills. Away matches may be emailed to the Competition Secretary.

Matches are played at Pennant Hills Tennis Centre, Britannia Street, Pennant Hills and Epping Tennis Courts, Cnr Midson Rd & Wyralla Ave, Epping. Enquires 9481 0970.